History of the War in the Pacific

For veterans by veterans of the US military

MacArthur coming ashore in Leyte

  • August 1942: A 19yr old signal 3rd class L. G. Staples writes of his Guadalcanal experience, his life belt, and his mom in Akron Ohio as told by actor Gary Sinese
  • WWII Philippines 8 December 1941 The war warning of December 6 had put US Army General Douglas Mac Arthur into action. When Pearl was being bombed, his planes were in the air, his shore defense were manned, and he thought the first attack would come his way, as the war plans expected.
  • History of Tinian Island Pacific Ocean Fly over it and you notice a slash across its north end of uninhabited bush, a long thin line that looks like an overgrown dirt runway. If you didn't know what it was, you wouldn't give it a second glance out your airplane window. Fatman came from Tinian
  • Mareeba Airfield 21 Sept 2011 remembering the airman who were lost
  • Last Island Invasion Don Lumsden was part of the last Island Invasion of the war in Brunei Bay off Borneo.
  • Eniwetok Island Februaty 1944 18 February 1944, the Amphibious Force under Rear Admiral Harry W. Hill landed troops on Engebi Island, Eniwetok, securing the island before the end of the day.
  • Burmese-Jungle Sniper action with British troops in Burmese jungle during World War II
  • Fritz Payne oldest living WWII Ace at 100yrs of age
  • Leyte-Gulf The landing of General McArthur
  • General-McArthur People of the Philippines I have returned.

History of War in the Pacific places like Borneo, Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Philippines, Guam, Midway, Solomon Islands, Saipan, Manila, Tinian, Marshall Islands, Papua New Guinea, Signgapore, Burma, Japan, Bataan, Leyte Gulf, Lingayan Gulf, Luzon, Truk, Pearl Harbor, Shanghai, Malaysia, Indonesea, Thailand, Okinawa, Rota, Coral Sea

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