What is a challenge coin?

A challenge coin is a military tradition they have there origins in aircrews of world war one.

What is a challenge coinsCan be answered most simply like this. Challenge coins are custom designed limited edition coins that are generally given for participation in operations, as recognition of achievement, and award for qualifying for an elite team or squad.

Using our individually custom made die molds to strike our challenge coins. A die struck coin has greater detail and depth of design than does a die cast coin. We use bronze for our die struck coin production. When needed or special ordered we can use copper, brass, and iron coin blanks depending on the clients specifications.

We offer numerous styles of finish and plating options making the design possibilities endless. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality of product is long established. Having been involved in designing and making military coins and jewelry since 1975.

Military challeng coin die moldOur coins are collected and traded around the world. We proudly make coins for special operations, and special forces like 1st Group, Navy SEAL Team One and others.

We have made coins for veterans organizations and retired veterans still working in military operations around the world from Japan to Afghanistan.

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