We create US military challenge coins for our men and women in uniform...We are veteran owned and operated...

Special Shape Challenge coins

Special shaped challenge coins

Fisrt we have a CNC negative die cut from soft iron, Then the die is flame heat hardened and placed into a 5 ton press.

Each coin is then struck in copper, bronze, or brass blanks creating the coin in positive.

Depending on finish and design requirements sand blasting of backgrounds can be done as well..

The finished die struck coin is highly detailed and crisp and superior to die cast coins. Finishes come in many styles here we show an antiqued bronze finish.

Special shape challenge coins

Also available are Gold and Nickel plating finishes that can vary the look greatly Enamels in soft and imitation hard enamel can be added and even clear coating and epoxy can be used.

We can even make a challenge coin with a built in bottle opener, or key ring attachment, just use your imagination we can make it if it is possible to be create.

Gold Plated Challenge Coins

This gold plated US Army coin from the Big Red 1 has a revered lettering design around the edge on the backside, with a recessed backrground that is sand blasted with imitation hard enamel or a type of epoxy resin that is filled to the top of the recessed area creating a smooth rich look. Here also we have an example of a diestruck coin with highly detailed frontside Army logo design. This is too complex to cut into the die so instead a simplified version is made into the die and the details like the red hat are pad prited on after finishing is completed. Stil a very durable finish even though portions are printed on.

Challenge Coins and Lapel pins

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