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How we create a pewter lapel pin from design concept to finished product for the US military

Lapel pins from concept to finish product here is how the process goes. we received a contact from a North Carolina artist named Susan Dunivant who had an idea to raise some funds for the Navy SEALs. She provided us with this artwork. Please note we can help with artwork so dont worry if your not an artist like Susan is.

Navy Seals Pin

Step two of making a 3d pewter lapel pin

In step two a highly detail full scale model is made for client approval. Then after approval a rubber mold is made and about a dozen masters are created. Each is then heat pressed into a casting mold.


Navy SEALs Pin Model

Step 3 in creating a 3d pewter lapel pin

The finished product is then cast tumble polished and plated with the desired finish

Navy Seals Pin 3d in cast pewter

Other types of Lapel Pins

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