Imitation Hard Enamel Lapel Pins

Imitation hard enamel lapel pins

Imitation hard enamel lapel pins are also called resin filled lapel pins because the enamel is actually an epoxy resin. The difference in our imitation hard enamel is that we slightly overfill the stamping then polish off the extra so the fill is perfect every time and the finish is also perfect every time.

Our molds are machined from iron and flamed hardened to make a die that will hold its high detail for thousands of strikes. Die struck lapel pins are the best quality pins available no better detail is achieved by any other method of making lapel pins.

After the pins are struck by the detailed die they are reversed and silver soldier is used to attach (2) two clutch pins so when our pins are placed on a hat or collar they stay put and don't rotate around. All other manufacturers use only one clutch pin.

Silver soldering of lapel pins
Only Silver Soldier is used

They are hand colored and polished individually so the finish is top quality, these brilliant colors don't fade or yellow. Our Imitation or resin filled pins are cherished the world over by veterans organizations and private corporations. The make outstanding trading pins, giveaways and promotional novelties. A cost effective fund raising premium that give name and logo recognition for years to come.

JDRC is owned and operated by veterans so we take particular joy in creating military or veterans oriented designs. But we can make your collectable trading pins in any design for any organization in the same high quality details and materials that are simply the best available. all our products carry our satisfaction guarantee.

Epoxy resin enamel

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