How US military challenge coins are made

US Military coinsHow US military challenge coins are made. Challenge coins designs begin with the mold, a soft iron blank has the design machined into it. Next comes a flame hardening process to make it durable to last for about 5000 strikes. A 5 ton press is used to stike the design into a blank of bronze creating the base coin. The die is usually coated with a lubricant so the die lasts longer. Fininshes are applied after striking like sandblating, polishing, coloring, and plating to complete the custom coin A coin is normally die strcuk in pure bronze because it is malleable, takes a very high detailed design and is durable enough to last a long time. A die cast coins just cant maintain the high level of detail a die struck coin can have.

Die casting is not as accurate a means of keeping the smaller details clear and crisp, a die struck coin can have smaller finer details in the basic design. Die struck military coins are sought after by collectors from all on the US Military, soldiers, sailors and airmen collect challenge coins and trade then too. And now more and more private civilian collectors are popping up online and in the auctions. The popularity of military challenge coins is growing every year. US Military men and women are awarded a coin when they complete training or mission these are normally given by the commanders and are sometimes called commanders coins. These coins are given for achievement or recognition, and are treasured by the men and women in uniform. They are not normally traded or given away.