We create US military challenge coins for our men and women in uniform.Wea are veteran owned and operated...

US Military Die Cast Lapel Pins

Die cast master lapel pin modelDie cast lapel pins offer the customer the most flexability to create a 3d design that makes the design jump at the admirer. We create high quality detailed 3d die cast lapel pins in pewter and zinc. Our process begins with the design concept being presented to the art depratment for mock up in mud or clay. The second step after approval of the mud model is to cast it in silicone rubber and then cast a number of masters from that mold.

Die Cast MoldNext the masters are heat pressed into a special type of rubber which embeds the design into the round mold so when the casting is done 10-15 pins are cast at a time lowering production costs and time needed.



Pewter Pin Polishing After casting the pins are vibrator polished to remove any casting flashings left behind, then the plating and finishing process begins.




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