Custom Coin creators for US military forces

A challenge or custom coin is highly prized by almost every soldier, sailor and airman on duty in today’s military. These coins have a deep traditional history in the military services.  Challenge coins are often called or referred to as commanders coins because so many of them are awarded by the unit commander for excellence, achievement and loyal service to an operation or mission.

All five military services Navy, Marines, Army, Coast Guard, and Air Force have a long tradition of designing custom challenge coins for recognition and awards of dedicated service. Then of course the elite units still use the challenge or sometimes called slam coins for their original intended purpose the challenge each other to see who has forgotten his coin and must buy the beer.

Custom coin for the US Air ForceMy interest in coins came to me in my years after my military service while living abroad I had a great deal of contact with the troops sailors and airmen passing through Asia. As I met more and more of them I was asked to help design some coins using my background as a jewelry designer  to assist some Green Berets from Okinawa design a near coin for a newly formed special forces team from Ft Lewis Washington that had been sent to train in the varied environments of south east Asia.

I was honored to be asked to help with a coin because of the rich military history attached to each and every challenge coin out there. I soon found myself helping design and produce coins made with the quality of fine jewelry, highly detailed laser cut molds and die struck solid bronze blanks custom sized for each design.

Custom CoinSo over time this became a passion to design and create the very finest quality military challenge coins available. My attention to quality and innovative design possibilities has help me to be involved in the making of custom coins for units Like 1st Group Special Forces, SEAL Team One and numerous other  units and team passing through the area.

Both my partner and I are veterans, so helping to continue this long tradition and bring it to another level of design and finish standards makes us proud to support the troops in this way.  Operation Enduring Freedom- Philippines has given us the sad opportunity to design and create a memorial coin for two fine men who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Custom coinI come from a family of military service going back at least three generations, so helping veterans is in my blood. To honor veterans is an honor in itself for me. The satisfaction I gain from making the world’s finest challenge coins for our men and women in uniform is tremendous for me.

These coins are used as recognition of the high achievements these sailors, soldiers and airmen while on deployment and in harm’s way. Their selfless service is amazing to me even after a lifetime working with or around military. I still get a thrill when I meet these young Americans and their commitment to duty honor and country.  

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