Types of US Military Challenge Coin Materials

  • Brass
    • Brass is used by special request when the finish of the challenge coin calls for a brass finish or the client desires a highly polished finish without the expense of gold plating.
  • Bronze
    • Bronze coins are the most popular material for die struck coin designs it is cost effective durable and hold very good details when struck. They can be made in 2dimensional and 3 dimensional designs and plated in many styles and even more that one type of plating like gold and nickel.
  • Copper
    • Copper is used for Die Struck commanders coins when a real hard enamel coin is to be used on one side. Only copper is used to fire the real enamel or cloisonne because the enamel will not properly adhere to other materials. The limitation here is that only one side of a hard enamel challenge coin can be colored and usually the reverse side is only plated and may have several surface textures like sand blasting and dimples.
  • Pewter
    • Pewter challenge coins are Die Cast Coins and allow they are cost effective they do not have the durability or the high detail of a Die Struck Coin. Pewter coins are popular for collectable's however when it comes to coloring they can only be colored correctly with soft enamel. They can be plated in many ways.
  • Zinc
    • Zinc is more durable than pewter so it is used when the item needs to be used daily or in harsh environments. Zinc is cast the same was as pewter.
  • Aluminum
    • Aluminum challenge coins have proven to be not a good deal if they are intended for daily use they rapidly wear and do not last long. However if the coin is designed as a display only coin it can be a very effective way to lower cost of the coin. They are limited in finished and cant be used with imitation hard enamel
  • Soft Iron
    • Soft iron is used as an economical way to cut cost on lapel pins and coins, however it can oxidize and is not as durable as other materials.

Type or manufacturing for challenge coins

Types of Plating Options for Challenge coins

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Nickel
  • Antique Bronze/Brass
  • Antique Gol

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