Antiqued lapel pins in pewter, gold, bronze and nickel plating options

Antique Lapel Pins3d US military Lapel Pins

Many designers call for antiqued lapel pins, they are plated to have the appearance of being vintage antique lapel pins. Most are die cast in zinc or pewter so they have 3 dimensions and the deeper parts of the design get darkened to help highlight the raised portions. Lapel pins like this are popular with military units and organizations that have traditional designs that they wish to appear as vintage.

Military lapel pins date back to the Civil War, when units used them to tell recognize each other from the same unit. They became a popular means of distinguishing special services and achievements within the military and until today they are used for rank and unit identification, and achievement awards by the active military.

Lapel pins are also called trading pins and have become a highly prized collectable for many sectors of the public. Sports teams, Universities, and even corporations use lapel pins as awards for special achievement or membership in an exclusive clubs. or teams.

Military lapel pins

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