3D lapel pins custom designed for the US military and veterans organizations

3d Lapel pins can be die cast

3d mold for lapel pinsPewter and zinc are often used to create 3d designs for the lapel pins for the US military. The design is mocked up in clay or mud as it is commonly called. Then the finished model is cast into a silicone rubber mold. Then a dozen or some masters are cast in zinc or pewter, these masters are then arraigned into a circle on a rubber disc, then a second disc is placed over the top. This sandwich is placed into a heat press and heated to soften the rubber and force it to surround the masters.

After completely cooled and cured the new mold is placed into a centrifical casting machine and molten zinc or pewter is poured in while it spins forcing the molten metal into all the finest details of the lapel pin design.

3d master in clay for lapel pinLapel pins from concept to finish product here is how the process goes. we received a contact from a North Carolina artist named Susan Dunivant who had an idea to raise some funds for the Navy SEALs. She provided us with this artwork. Please note we can help with artwork so don't worry if your not an artist we have many artists here for you all you need is the concept and we can get this level of artwork created for you.

Navle SEALs 3d pewter lapel pinsWhen the master mold is finished we spin cast the lapel pins with molten pewter or zinc creating a detailed copy of the original. They are then tumble polished to clean up the edges of the design. And finally the finish is plated on which can vary from the antique finish we show here or a fancy gold plated finish can be added and even soft enamel coloring can be used.


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